From interpreting medical records to preparing you for court,
we're here to save you time, money, and stress.

  •  Screening medical cases for merit
  •  Analyzing and interpreting electronic medical records 
  •  Developing reports and chronologies of significant medical events relevant to your case
  •  Reviewing policies and procedures for appropriateness and adherences
  •  Identifying adherence to, and deviations from, established standards of care
  •  Identifying tampered medical records
  •  Researching authoritative medically literature to support your case
  •  Assisting with discovery by preparing interrogatories and requests for production
  •  Helping to assess injuries by identifying causation and contribution factors
  •  Locating expert witnesses
  •  Serving as consultant and liaison between attorney client and all disciplines involved 
  •  Attending and observing independent medical exams
  •  Facilitating preparation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence


"CLNCs ...turn even the most involved case into a coherent, interesting narrative that I'm able to follow and present persuasively to the jury."

— Andrew L Todesco, Attorney at Law